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Joomla! Content Management System

Joomla! The amazing open source Content Management System is the basis of the Future Ideas Media Design web site. This system is incredibly flexible with a wide range of expansion options to meet your requirements. If content management is your goal, then call or email now to see what we can can do for you... 01225 891314

17.08.2011 07:46:05

You have a new project, but your budget won't run to a bespoke design. This is a common predicament and the solution is right here.

Many thousands of web sites built on every platform imaginable have an 'off the shelf' professionally created design layout template at their heart. Templates are often associated with the popular content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Zen Cart and so forth, but can be just as useful in many other contexts including static HTML web development.

The process is very straight forward so the design process for your project is not only saving on cost, but in the development cycle too. Simply put the process is - find a collection of templates, choose one which suits your purpose in both layout and 'look and feel', then have the template customized to render it unique to your project. That's it! A professional, unique, branded professional identity for your web site, intranet or presentation.

Future Ideas Media Design has teamed up with one of the most prolific creators of templates on the planet to bring you a fantastic range of templates for almost all requirements, follow this link to see our..


Web Site Template Collection


..which can be bought on-line and downloaded immediately. The collection is BIG, so you are sure to find just what you need, happy hunting. Smile

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