Future Ideas Media Design

My apologies, I took my 'eye off the ball' with regard to my own web site and it was compromised by injection of a virus sending visitors to a spam third party web site. Very embarrassing !

Being busy, sorting out my own site has had to take a back seat; ouch; but as always the customer comes first.

To my customers who do not have an ongoing maintenance contract, please be aware that this is a potential risk consequent of not maintaining your web site with latest security updates; please contact me if you have any concerns so we can update and ensure your site security.

Small or fast turnover Product Photography services are temporarily not available, however if you have a full product catalogue photography requirement upcoming please contact me with notice to receive a competetive quote.

A new Future Ideas Media Design WordPress based web site is currently in development.

Thank you for your interest.


Hugh Swan
07930 928 507